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Recall Update – April 30

Dear ClearView Customers,

I would like to share some recent news regarding the ClearView Goggle Module. A recall was issued on March 4th for all current boards to correct an issue with the board layout. Since then, I would like to apologize for our lack of communication. The boards are in house right now, and have been verified to have the correct copper this time. The plan is to send them off this week for assembly. Once they come back they will go through QC, and be shipped out.

Be on the lookout for an additional post for a surprise token of our apology for all your patience with the delays these out to all of you.

We also have some good news regarding the testing of the new design. A few of the recently fixed boards were just hand built, and are verified to have performance on par, or slightly better, than our ground station. This is what we saw in the initial prototypes before the manufacturing error. However, you are probably wanting some comparison videos. These few hand-built modules will be sent very shortly to your favorite reviewers including Joshua Bardwell while the bulk of the boards are assembled.

Finally, I’d like to offer some more good news. With Fatshark new HDO goggles creating a lot of buzz, and supposed improvements in power supplies, you might be wondering if the CVG can use the new power supply. The answer is yes! The HDO supplies enough power for the CVG to run without a ribbon cable. Due to these changes, an HDO-specific version of  the CVG will be offered that only uses the module bay 5V pin, and does not include a ribbon cable. The standard version of the CVG has not yet been confirmed to work in the HDO.

Prior to shipment, you will be able to select which version of the receiver you’d like. If, at any time, you decide to switch to HDO’s, we can make the hardware update free of charge (you just pay for shipping). If you have a CVG now, and send it in for recall soon, that would be an awesome time to get the HDO version if you need it.

The demand created for our CVG has been much larger than we anticipated. Iftron’s production space has been increased, and we’ve also trained additional people to conduct QC and shipments on the CVG. We’re better prepared to handle the high quantity production, and expect the QC and shipment process on the upcoming batch to be quicker.

Ira S. Faberman

President, Iftron Technologies, Inc.