Software and Hardware Changelog

Below is a change log for hardware and software. At the top is the CVG change log, while below that is the change log for the ground station receiver. It is recommended to maintain the most current software version, as the software is always improving, even for older hardware revisions. These improvements result in increased noise rejection, faster locking, more OSD features, and of course, less bugs.

CVG Software Feature Requests:

  • CV signal indicator (not RSSI)
  • MAC firmware updater
  • Matrix to select band/channel
  • Quicker band selection
  • “Hot-mode” to keep fan noise down and increase power efficiency
  • Temperature Display in status screen -> not possible
  • Add custom frequency from Band Analyzer -> done
  • Flight Crosshair -> done
  • Fan MAX speed option for field test of fan when it’s cold -> done

CVG Hardware Requests:

  • Joystick or other navigation method
  • USB built in (FTDI on board)
  • 1.3GHz and 2.4GHz CVG

If you have another feature request, send an email with subject “Feature Request – (your feature)”

CVG Module Change Log

1.10 – Released 9-21-2018

  • New antenna algorithm optimized for assymetric setups
  • Added option to turn off autobrighten at low signal
  • Improve bump null in low signal
  • Fixed minor band analyzer bug
  • Improvements:
    • Most customers self-report range increases over 1.09.
  • Known Bugs:
    • Potential menu freezes reported, but not yet reproduced

1.09 – Released 9-10-2018

  • Altered brightness control to subdue speckling in bright regions.

1.08 – Released 8-29-2018

  • Reorganization of internal structures that fixed RSSI bug during power up
  • Flight targets/crosshair added
  • Fixed sparkly OSD with asymmetric signal
  • Fan runs for a second when powered on, as well as option to set speed to MAX
  • Fixed Rev-E hardware antenna switching algo that inhibited fast noise response

1.07 – Released 8-10-2018

  • Added field RSSI Recovery
  • Stability improvements for settings
  • Factory Calibration Improvements
  • Default settings and factory restore settings are now consistent
  • Added ability to remove custom frequency by setting to —

1.06 – Released 7-31-2018

  • Fixed factory restore bugs
  • Fixed unusually long CV lock times
  • Known bugs:
    • No way to change a custom frequency back to —
    • OSD Enable/Disable inconsistencies
    • Restore Defaults for antenna mode sets to Diversity
    • Restore Defaults for CV Unlock sets to Fast

1.05 – Released 4-30-2018

  • Fan speed adjustment added
  • Support for new board layout
  • Support for CVG-HDO board version
  • Bugs: Click here
  • Update issues from 1.05? Download this.


1.04  – Released 3/1/2018

  • Fixed Screen Jumping in Fatsharks
  • Improved Noise Rejection

1.03 – Released 2/15/2018

  • Initial Release to customers


Clearview Ground Station Changelog

GS Software Feature Requests:

  • Dual RSSI bars

x.35 – Software Released 8-15-2018

  • Improvements for custom customer firmwares
  • Battery alert improvements for pro software
  • Supports hardware version LA boards

x.34 – Software Released 3-23-2018

  • Code freeze for x.34x
  • Noise detection hardware improvement for K boards
  • Weak signal level modified to higher signal level
  • White noise sensitivity level change

x.33 – Software Released 3-4-2018

  • Code freeze for x.33.x
  • OSD alignment fix
  • Improvements for Fatshark screen jumping
  • Bug fix in doze mode to prevent freezing

x.32 – Software Released 2-26-2018

  • Software versioning scheme adjusted because of 5 bit rollover
  • Software mismatch detection improvement

x.31 – Software Released 9-14-17

  • AUTO mode PAL fully functional in addition to NTSC
  • PAL timing improvements
  • Soft reset bug fixes
  • Clearview lock improvements with different OSD’s

x.30 – Software Released 7-7-2017

  • Test version
  • Fixed factory restore to maintain user frequency after power cycles

x.29 – Software Released 5-8-2017

  • Code freeze for x.28

x.28 – Software Released 5-4-17

  • OSD removal for failed lock condition
  • New ClearView lock method improvements for initial lock after reset

x.27 – Software Released 4-24-2017

  • Auto mode improvements using new technique that works over longer time span
  • Auto mode switches if it believes lock is incorrect

x.26b – Software Released 4-21-2017

  • code freeze for 5.27x and 6.27x

x.26 – Software Released 4-7-2017

  • Race mode “sticky” improvements for changing lock

x.25b – Software Released 4-6-2017

  • Improvements for vertical lock if ClearView discoverers lock is incorrect for 1 second in Pro mode, or 5 seconds in race mode

x.25x – Software Released 1-7-2017

  • Code freeze for 5.25x and 6.25x
  • Pro mode battery alarm fix
  • Support for J boards adjusted with different voltage regulators

x.xx – Software Released 1-4-107

  • Software changes to accompany some hardware value changes in capacitors
  • Improvements in horizontal lock in low signal causing picture to shift sideways
  • Improvement in low signal lock to prevent image turning dark

consult for further info if needed