5.8GHz Vitenna 8dBi Directional Antenna


5.8GHz 8dBi Circular Polarized Antenna

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Defy Gravity With This Exciting IFTRON Circularly Polarized Exclusive! Say ‘Hi’ to Vitenna¬©. No more antenna mounting and aiming hassles! We’ve designed Vitenna¬© with a special, gooseneck coax. The gooseneck supports the antenna all by itself. Just tighten the connector onto your receiver SMA and then bend the stem to aim Vitenna as you wish…and it stays put by itself! What could be simpler and easier?

Even the best omnidirectional receiver antenna can’t match a good directional for range* and bounced signal rejection.** This right or left-hand circularly polarized directional 5.8GHz antenna has a forward gain of ~8dBi, a beamwidth of 60 degrees and superb front to back reception ratio (see beam plot below). It is easy to point it in the general direction of the transmitter and greatly reduce multipathing reflected signals from the rear and sides. Comes complete with 6″ cable and SMA connector. Many customers use them in pairs on their YellowJacket Pro 5.8 and PassPort diversity receivers. Ask for RHCO or LHCP when ordering.

* How much better range? On average, up to 1.8 times as far as a 3 dBi omni (Up to 2 times as far as a cloverleaf).

** Bounced signals are the primary cause of signal fades, dropouts and other multipathing effects. Rejecting these signals greatly enhances the quality of your reception.



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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in

RHCP (Right Hand), LHCP (Left Hand)