ClearView Goggle Receiver Pre-Order Deposit


O.M.G.! I’m too late and you sold out…  What now?

Dear Customer: The response to our new CVG has been so overwhelming that we knew this might happen. We can’t make any promises at this moment, but we might be able to find a way to extend this a second round of pre-orders. So please continue to check on our FB page

This is a 25% deposit on the ClearView Goggle Receiver at the Pre-Order discount of 10% off the retail price of $289.95.

Out of stock


This is the pre-order deposit for the ClearView Goggle Receiver (CVG). The product you are buying on this page is a 10% discount code that will be shipped to you electronically (emailed) within 24 hrs.

Only a limited number of customers will be able to buy the new Clearview Goggle Receiver (CVG) at a 10% pre-order discount. We will notify you on a first come first serve basis, when your product is ready for purchase. You can then use your code to pay the balance of the discount price and receive your product.

Pre-Order Timing

First shipments start in 4-5 weeks (beginning of December) . We’ll release in batches as our production comes online. First come – first serve.

Solid Customer Service

You are always welcome to contact us at any time during your pre-order. Just include the word “pre-order” and your special code in the subject line. We will get right back to you.

No Hassle Cancellations

Need to cancel :o( ?  Just notify us at this email address: and include your pre-order code in the subject line. Then simply request cancellation. We’ll do the rest.

A Pre-Order ‘Thank You’ Bonus!

As a pre-order ‘thank you’ bonus, we will include a Future Proofing Cable (normally $7.95) with your final purchase, and a separate 10% discount code for our soon to be announced “Comm-Nav” expansion module  – an optional, killer accessory module that fits into the other goggle bay. (mind-blowing specs and features to be announced soon)!