ClearView XLR 1.3


Iftron’s ClearView Digitally Enhanced Technology is now available at 1.3GHz. This is the longest range 1.3GHz receiver offered.

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Up To 3 Times The Range of Conventional Receivers!

ClearView XLR™ with Digitally Enhanced™ latency-free video processing, offers advancements in video signal reception technology on a scale not seen in many decades. ClearView XLR virtually eliminates most of the problems and shortcomings of today’s wireless video systems. Issues like glitches, dropouts, fades, tearing, latency, screen freeze and much more are virtually eliminated. ClearView XLR moves the art of FPV video to a whole new level.

“This is by far, the best FPV feed I have ever had. I’m mighty impressed!”
– Jordan Temkin, Team Big Whoop

“If video is important to your mission, ClearView should be in your plans”
– Skip Miller, President UASUSA

ClearView XLR Features

  • No Latency, No glitches, No dropouts, No horizontal tearing
  • More Than 2-3 times the ultimate range of conventional systems
  • Much Greater Dynamic Sensitivity
  • Sharper, clearer video display
  • Exclusive Built-In Spectrum Analyzer App “Know Before You Go”
  • One-Touch Information Reference Screen
  • User Configurable OSD with RSSI Meter, Batt Voltage, Frequency, User Text
  • Configurable Aural Low RSSI and Battery Alarms
  • Future-Proof. Upgrades with cable and an internet connected PC
  • Extensive User Options Menu

ClearView XLR Specifications

MDS Sensitivity: -103dBm typ
Channels (MHz): 1080, 1120, 1160, 1200, 1258, 1280, 1320, 1360
Video Format: NTSC / PAL
Audio: 2 channels: 6.0, 6.5 MHz sub-carriers
ClearView’s custom configurable OSD over live video provides real time RSSI, battery voltage, signal lock and other important information.
Audio Alarms
Configurable 3 level RSSI, Lo Batt, System Sounds
Audio / Video Outputs
2 x 3.5mm (camcorder wiring standard). Converter cable for FatShark included.
Input Voltage
9-17VDC (3-4 LiPo)
Input Current
250 – 300 ma
4.75″ x 2.85″ x 0.75″ (120 x 72 x19mm)

Included Items
1ea. 3.5mm to 3 RCA A / V cable
1ea. 3.5mm Iftron to FatShark A / V converter cable
1ea. Future-Proofing cable
1ea. 2.1mm DC Power cable
2ea. 2dBi whip antennas

From August 20th,2018 and onward, all ClearView Ground Stations will be shipped following the FatShark standard. If you use FatSharks or other compatible displays, you can now directly connect with any 3.5 to 3.5 mm male to male cable. To use other goggle pinouts, use your FatShark 3.5 mm to RCA cable, and then the supplied RCA cable your goggles come with – connecting the RCA to RCA with barrel connectors.

Manual (same as 5.8ghz Pro, just different frequencies)



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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in