ClearView to Fatshark 1m Conversion Cable


A custom cable to go directly from a ClearView receiver to Fatsharks.

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ClearView to FatShark / Immersion Converter Cable

Exactly what you need for FPV goggles! This special 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male 1 Meter long cable makes the internal wiring conversion from the Iftron (ClearView) Cable Standard to FatShark / Immersion. Just plug the white end into into the ClearView receiver and then plug your goggles into the other end. Voila!


If you want a longer one, simply buy a 4 pin 3.5mm extension cable. Note that if you make it too long, you may have video quality issues. We suggest that you stay under 3 meters for best results.

Note: This is a small item. If you would rather we send it by cheaper and slower means than 2nd day FedEx, please tell us when you check out and we will refund the difference.

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