Clearview Pro 5.8


No Smoke. No Mirrors. Iftron’s new ClearView Digitally Enhanced Video Receiver crushes both standard analog and digital wireless video solutions.


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Iftron’s new “ClearView” 5.8GHz Digitally Enhanced Video Technology virtually eliminates these nagging problems:

  • Antenna Fades
  • Multipathing Effects
  • Glitches
  • Dropouts
  • Horizontal Tearing
  • Raster Jitters
  • Horizontal Noise Streaks

And there’s more! Clearview also packs these amazing features:

  • No Latency
  • More Than 2-3 Times the Ultimate Range
  • Much Greater Dynamic Sensitivity
  • Built-In OSD Spectrum Analyzer “Know Before You Go”
  • User Configurable OSD
  • Low RSSI and Battery Alarms
  • Future-Proof. Upgrades with cable and a PC with internet
  • Extensive User Option Menu
  • Uses analog NTSC/PAL transmitters you already have


Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 in


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