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ClearView Technology, FatShark Compatible Form Factor

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The ClearView Goggle Receiver utilizes ClearView’s technology in a FatShark goggle form factor. Please read the quick start manual before install to set the jumper in the correct position.


  • No Screen Tearing or Jitters
  • No Lost Sync
  • No Black outs
  • High Sensitivity
  • Less Video Noise
  • Extensive OSD Menu in Goggle Screen
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Quad Finder Application
  • Favorite Bands
  • Thermostatically Controlled Fan
  • PC Updates for Firmware

Comes with:

  • FPC-02 (Future Proofing Cable)


Antenna Connector Type: SMA

Compatibility Chart:

CVG Compatibility Chart
Fatshark Goggle Type
HDO Legacy Modded Legacy
Clearview Type
or ClearView
Jumper Position
ClearView HDO ✓**
ClearView Legacy ✓*

*We recommended running legacy goggles on 2S to limit heat generation in the head-tracker regulator.

**We recommend running modded legacy goggles on 3s. If the Fatshark (2S) battery gets below about 8V, the voltages will sag too much in modded legacy Dominator and HD goggles. The DIY inductor mod does not guarantee a stable 5V supply at lower input voltages, thus a 3S battery should used

Manuals and Documentation:

CVG Quick Start Guide

Software Update Information

Software ChangeLog

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