ClearView Technology

ClearView™ Digitally Enhanced Video Receiver

No Smoke. No Mirrors. Iftron’s new ClearView Digitally Enhanced Video Receiver  both standard analog and more recent digital wireless video solutions.


Iftron’s ClearView Digitally Enhanced Video Receiver virtually eliminates most of the problems and shortcomings of today’s wireless video systems. Issues like glitches, dropouts, fades, tearing, latency, screen freeze and much more are virtually eliminated or drastically reduced, while ClearView’s latency-free technology enhances range and provides a far more robust video link. ClearView achieves these performance gains by employing new, highly advanced (patents pending) techniques in the processing of standard wireless video signals. With ClearView, today’s SD transmitters and cameras need not be replaced. ClearView leverages existing wireless video to provide far better and robust reception.

The more you know about video, the more you will appreciate the dramatic improvement that ClearView makes.

Benefits of ClearView vs. Conventional Analog Wireless Video:

No Glitches

No Dropouts

No Horizontal Tearing

Much Greater Dynamic Sensitivity

More Than Twice The Ultimate Range

No Dead-Zone

No Horizontal Noise Streaking

Compatible With Existing NTSC and PAL Video Cameras and Transmitters

Transmission Band Independent

Receiver Side OSD With Live Video Capable

Much Higher Immunity to Antenna Effects Such As:


Cross-Polarization Null

Benefits of ClearView vs. Digital Wireless Video:

No Latency
No Screen Freeze
No Tiling
No ‘Falling Off The Cliff’
No Pairing and Re-Pairing Delay
Much Longer Range
Similar Practical Resolution
Transmission Band Independent
Allows Receiver Side OSD with Live Video

ClearView Digitally Enhanced Video, invented and developed by Iftron Technologies, represents an advancement in video signal reception technology on a scale not seen in many decades and moves the art of FPV video and other critical wireless applications to a previously unattainable level of performance.