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CVG Performance Improvements

There have been a few reports of sometime noisy performance. The symptom is higher than expected noise on the video during a weak signal that was otherwise pretty good. This issue has been addressed and resolved with software version 1.09 or newer. The improvement in performance is substantial, especially during adverse conditions. All pilots with earlier software are encouraged to update.

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CVG 1.05 Bug Report


We would just like to let everyone know of a few small related bugs in the CVG software, version 1.05. Default settings may not result in optimum performance, such as when the module is freshly shipped or just after settings are restored to default. Please ensure you change these options prior to flying!

  • In the Quick Menu, ensure that CV Brightness is NOT set to Automatic. Click and Hold to change it to one of the 5 listed options. We suggest setting it to DEFAULT and then change it as necessary to suit your preference.
  • Change Video format to PAL if you run a camera with a PAL signal. AUTO mode has unreliable locking with some cameras in PAL mode. NTSC users can either use AUTO or NTSC.

  • In Setup>> Features, change Startup Mode to LIVE VIDEO. DVR’s may record in black and white when the startup screen is a menu.
  • Change CV Unlock Mode to SLOW (Racing). Fast setting is meant for multiple camera aircraft, while ‘SLOW’ better rejects adjacent channel noise.
  • Change CV HzGP to FAST. (This should only be set to ‘SLOW’ if your particular camera does not lock, even if the video mode (NTSC/PAL) is manually set.

Finally, if you are having issues getting audio from your vtx to appear in the goggles, please contact us.

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CVG June 21 Update

Dear ClearView Goggle Customers,

We’d like to share some good news regarding the progress of the CVG. The first pilot production run of the new boards arrived in our offices last Friday, and have passed testing. Early this week, we assembled and tested a small handful of this batch to compare to our ground station Race receiver. Results indicate that the module performance is solid. Thus, final in-house assembly, testing, and QC begins tomorrow.

Receivers will be shipped out to customers in the following order:
1) Customers who paid in full but have not yet received a unit
2) Recall Customers who received an earlier unit that currently does not work properly (RMA)
3) Recall Customers who received an earlier unit that works
4) More pre-order customers.

Emails will be sent out by Lisa to all of the above customers when it’s your turn to either return your old CVG, or pay the remainder of the pre-order.

Now that we are satisfied with the testing, our second (very large) production run starts tomorrow. This production run is large enough to at least cover all customers in batch 1, batch 2, and commercial pre-orders from our distributors. Based on past experience, these boards are expected at Iftron’s offices in 3 weeks time. Then, they will go through final assembly, testing, calibration, QC and final packaging/shipping.

Important note: At this time, we do not recommend the recent inductor modification to older Fatshark goggles because it does not provide enough power to the module when the Fatshark battery is low. However, if you want the HDO version (that works with the HDO goggles without a ribbon cable), you can just let us know and we will ship this version. Please also note that if you take delivery of the ribbon cable version, that you can send it in for a mod to the HDO version for free. You just pay round trip postage.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment on this post. But if you need more specific information, please email us.

Team Iftron

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Recall Update – April 30

Dear ClearView Customers,

I would like to share some recent news regarding the ClearView Goggle Module. A recall was issued on March 4th for all current boards to correct an issue with the board layout. Since then, I would like to apologize for our lack of communication. The boards are in house right now, and have been verified to have the correct copper this time. The plan is to send them off this week for assembly. Once they come back they will go through QC, and be shipped out.

Be on the lookout for an additional post for a surprise token of our apology for all your patience with the delays these out to all of you.

We also have some good news regarding the testing of the new design. A few of the recently fixed boards were just hand built, and are verified to have performance on par, or slightly better, than our ground station. This is what we saw in the initial prototypes before the manufacturing error. However, you are probably wanting some comparison videos. These few hand-built modules will be sent very shortly to your favorite reviewers including Joshua Bardwell while the bulk of the boards are assembled.

Finally, I’d like to offer some more good news. With Fatshark new HDO goggles creating a lot of buzz, and supposed improvements in power supplies, you might be wondering if the CVG can use the new power supply. The answer is yes! The HDO supplies enough power for the CVG to run without a ribbon cable. Due to these changes, an HDO-specific version of  the CVG will be offered that only uses the module bay 5V pin, and does not include a ribbon cable. The standard version of the CVG has not yet been confirmed to work in the HDO.

Prior to shipment, you will be able to select which version of the receiver you’d like. If, at any time, you decide to switch to HDO’s, we can make the hardware update free of charge (you just pay for shipping). If you have a CVG now, and send it in for recall soon, that would be an awesome time to get the HDO version if you need it.

The demand created for our CVG has been much larger than we anticipated. Iftron’s production space has been increased, and we’ve also trained additional people to conduct QC and shipments on the CVG. We’re better prepared to handle the high quantity production, and expect the QC and shipment process on the upcoming batch to be quicker.

Ira S. Faberman

President, Iftron Technologies, Inc.

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Recall of CVG – March 4 , 2018

Dear ClearView Goggle Receiver Customers,

ClearView technology is designed to have many performance advantages over standard definition, analog video receivers. Our customers have come to expect ClearView to be the best in any field of comparison. Consequently, in recent video tests, nobody was as surprised as we were, to see our ultimate range performance not measure up to our expected standards. Since this was not the case during product development, we immediately began a detailed investigation to discover why our ClearView Goggle Receiver performed below expectations. The investigation is near completion and we are confident that we know the reason for the performance shortfall.

The problem was traced to a manufacturing error internal to our 4 layer circuit board. What we found was that the inner 2 layers of our PCB had been inadvertently swapped. This does not make any of the actual circuits fail to work, (every circuit trace still goes where it should), but it does change the required 50 ohm impedance of the trace between the antenna connector and the RF input stage, when these inner layers are swapped. And since there is no clue from the outside that it was built incorrectly… and the resulting decrease in range performance was only about 6dB, it was hard to spot.

Here is what we have already done and will do going forward to correct the problem:

1.  The PCB has already been re-released to manufacturing to be fabricated again – and this time fabricated properly and inspected to be so, in the shortest possible time. At this moment, we are about 1 to 1.5 weeks from having new units ready to test.

2. As soon as we have the newly built units in hand and taken a day or two to validate the build, we will release a few for a 2nd round of tests.

3. Placing of components on the problem PCB has been halted and will resume only with the new and verified to be correct, PCB. (Fortunately, we were able to halt things before very many units of our large build were started).

4. Going forward, all units shipped will be part of the new build. 100% of all units will be tested to verify that they have sensitivity that lives up to our standards.

5. We will be issuing a recall of all ClearView Goggle Receivers shipped to date in an orderly fashion, along with the balance of the preorders, when the new units are available. If you own a ClearView Goggle Receiver, please watch for an email with more information.

While these steps do present a significant cost for us, it is very important to us that our customers get the best product possible.

Fortunately, the reduction in ultimate range does little to impact normal use where the receiver is usually well within range of the transmitter. The difference in performance may never actually be a factor in actual use. Stability, noise reduction, glitch prevention – all these are not significantly affected. So if you already have a module in your possession, you can still use it with confidence until it is recalled.

The Silver Lining:

All new units will have a thermostatically controlled fan with proportional speed control so it is much quieter on average, yet still cools very effectively when needed. There will even be a new menu item that will allow you to modify fan behavior to suit your preferences.

We are painfully aware of the time the rollout of this product has taken and how patient our ClearView fans have been. Yet the choice to delay things just a little more, rather than to ship a product that doesn’t meet our standard of excellence, was the only option consistent with our way of doing business. We sincerely hope that you agree.

Ira S. Faberman
President, Iftron Technologies, Inc.


If you missed Bardwell’s read on this along with his comments, please see this:

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Round 2 CVG Preorder

*Round 2 PreOrder is Sold Out

Hi all, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. “What have you been waiting for?” you might ask. Well I think you all know… MORE PREORDERS!!! Yes! Finally, your dream come true!

So how will this work? Because everyone is wanting a ClearView Goggle Receiver and knows they exist already, we can’t just open preorders randomly like we did before. This post is a heads up that peorders will be opening on Friday, January 26, 2018 at 15:00 GMT. This will allow people all over the globe to be wide awake when preorders open, so no complaining if you were asleep:) Like the first preorder, the payments will be the same, with a 25% deposit, roughly $65.00, and a discount code for 10% off the full price, to be paid at a later date. Also, this round we will be upping the number of orders to 200, so get ready to smash that pay button! When making the orders, please be considerate of others and only order ONE receiver. I’m gonna trust you guys with this, but if you don’t follow our wishes we may have to step in and remove an order. If you have any questions about these preorders feel free to fill out a contact form, or email us directly ( Otherwise, set a reminder so you can get your spot in line.

Some small disclaimers:

We ask that you be flexible as far as a ship date goes. We are sending out for a very big order of boards, so once they are built, we will be able to ship all 200 receivers from the same batch. However, we will still owe some receivers to the rest of the preorder customers from the first round of preorders, and that will take priority when it comes to shipping. Also, a few custom parts that we have manufactured for us in China may have their delivery dates impacted by the Chinese New Year shutdown. While we are working to avoid this, the possibility of this kind of delay could also be a factor in your shipment date. We will update you as soon as we know more on shipping.

We will reply to you with an email within 2 working days of your pre-order. This email will contain your product access password and discount code, and other important information. If you don’t get the email, please email us direct at: Please include your order # in the subject line.

Because of heavy demand, we can’t keep your delivery position open for more than 1 week after you are notified. If you do not make payment by then, the next person in line will take your spot. Your name will be added to the front of the list for the next, as yet, unannounced group. However, this cycle can’t continue indefinitely. So if by the time 3 weeks has passed after notification, and you have not made payment, we will keep your name aside while continuing to attempt to contact you. If we succeed, you may then choose a deposit refund or have your name added back in at a time of our discretion.

So that’s it! For those of you who are waiting on current preorders, they’ll be coming your way soon, otherwise, get ready for round two of preorders:) You’ll find the receiver available here on Friday:



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ClearView Goggle Receiver Intro Page

Caution: due to superior video performance, excessive grinning may occur. Goggles, headband, antennas and mannequin head not included.


Yes – We’ve Done It!

Our new ClearView Goggle Receiver (CVG) has absolutely all the performance of our legendary ground station and even does a few very impressive new tricks! – All in an insanely small, easy to install goggle receiver that requires little or no modification to your existing FatShark™ goggles. Installation does not require goggle disassembly.

“Don’t toss your old goggles out! – ClearView ’em!”


ClearView: There Is No Substitute

  • Legendary ClearView Digitally Enhanced Performance
  • Easy, OSD Band-Centric Tuning with 12 stock bands and 4 custom + Low-Band
  • Quick Access to 4 favorite bands
  • Change channels using your goggle buttons. No need to access the menu
  • Instant OSD channel indicator with each goggle button press
  • Easy OSD menu access and navigation
  • Uniquely clever, high performance Quad Finder App
  • Configurable receiver OSD on live video – a ClearView exclusive, with dual RSSI meters
  • Hyperspeed Spectrum Analyzer App with chosen-band channel markers
  • OSD Quick Info Screen allows checking all important data in an instant
  • 2 user defined profiles (What the heck is a “user profile?” See videos below)
  • Auto video format switching or manually selected NTSC / PAL
  • Balanced input power and active cooling prevent goggle hot-spots and overheating
  • Dual intensity LED power pilot
  • Future Proof. Software is field updatable with an internet connected Windows PC
  • Finally – a goggle receiver with proper side-by-side antennas! (Yay)!

Please see our video links (below) for information on installation, menu system and other important stuff.

Pre-Orders Are Now Being Taken

⇒Pre-Order by Clicking Here⇐

We will be shipping up to 150 CVG receivers at a 10% discount off the retail price to the lucky few that pre-order. A 25% deposit will secure your delivery position ($65.24).

  1. When you pre-order we will send you a special code to use when your receiver is ready to ship.
  2. When your order is ready to ship, we will notify you so you can then complete your purchase and claim your discount using the special code, and pay the remaining amount($195.71 + shipping).
  3. When the first 150 pre-order slots are full, the receiver will return to full retail price of $289.95, and can be ordered like any normal product.

Pre-Order Timing

First shipments start in 4-5 weeks (beginning of December) . We’ll release in batches as our production comes online. First come, first serve.

Solid Customer Service

You are always welcome to contact us at any time during your pre-order. Just include the word “pre-order” and your special code in the subject line. We will get right back to you.

No Hassle Cancellations

Need to cancel :o( ?  Just notify us at this email address: and include your pre-order code in the subject line. Then simply request cancellation. We’ll do the rest.

A Pre-Order ‘Thank You’ Bonus!

As a pre-order ‘thank you’ bonus, we will include a free Future-Proofing cable and a separate 10% discount code for our soon to be announced “Com-Nav” expansion module  – an optional, killer accessory module that fits into the other goggle bay. (mind-blowing specs and features to be announced soon)!

Videos (Some are still in production. Please check back often).


A Tour of the Menu System
What the heck is a “User Profile?”

Got Questions?

Please contact us here:

More Fun Stuff

If you haven’t seen the release video, check it out below:

The Original ClearView Goggle Receiver Release Video


This post will be updated regularly to reflect recent changes in pre-order status.
Last updated 11/10/2017