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ClearView Goggle Receiver Intro Page

Caution: due to superior video performance, excessive grinning may occur. Goggles, headband, antennas and mannequin head not included.


Yes – We’ve Done It!

Our new ClearView Goggle Receiver (CVG) has absolutely all the performance of our legendary ground station and even does a few very impressive new tricks! – All in an insanely small, easy to install goggle receiver that requires little or no modification to your existing FatShark™ goggles. Installation does not require goggle disassembly.

“Don’t toss your old goggles out! – ClearView ’em!”


ClearView: There Is No Substitute

  • Legendary ClearView Digitally Enhanced Performance
  • Easy, OSD Band-Centric Tuning with 12 stock bands and 4 custom + Low-Band
  • Quick Access to 4 favorite bands
  • Change channels using your goggle buttons. No need to access the menu
  • Instant OSD channel indicator with each goggle button press
  • Easy OSD menu access and navigation
  • Uniquely clever, high performance Quad Finder App
  • Configurable receiver OSD on live video – a ClearView exclusive, with dual RSSI meters
  • Hyperspeed Spectrum Analyzer App with chosen-band channel markers
  • OSD Quick Info Screen allows checking all important data in an instant
  • 2 user defined profiles (What the heck is a “user profile?” See videos below)
  • Auto video format switching or manually selected NTSC / PAL
  • Balanced input power and active cooling prevent goggle hot-spots and overheating
  • Dual intensity LED power pilot
  • Future Proof. Software is field updatable with an internet connected Windows PC
  • Finally – a goggle receiver with proper side-by-side antennas! (Yay)!

Please see our video links (below) for information on installation, menu system and other important stuff.

Pre-Orders Are Now Being Taken

⇒Pre-Order by Clicking Here⇐

We will be shipping up to 150 CVG receivers at a 10% discount off the retail price to the lucky few that pre-order. A 25% deposit will secure your delivery position ($65.24).

  1. When you pre-order we will send you a special code to use when your receiver is ready to ship.
  2. When your order is ready to ship, we will notify you so you can then complete your purchase and claim your discount using the special code, and pay the remaining amount($195.71 + shipping).
  3. When the first 150 pre-order slots are full, the receiver will return to full retail price of $289.95, and can be ordered like any normal product.

Pre-Order Timing

First shipments start in 4-5 weeks (beginning of December) . We’ll release in batches as our production comes online. First come, first serve.

Solid Customer Service

You are always welcome to contact us at any time during your pre-order. Just include the word “pre-order” and your special code in the subject line. We will get right back to you.

No Hassle Cancellations

Need to cancel :o( ?  Just notify us at this email address: and include your pre-order code in the subject line. Then simply request cancellation. We’ll do the rest.

A Pre-Order ‘Thank You’ Bonus!

As a pre-order ‘thank you’ bonus, we will include a free Future-Proofing cable and a separate 10% discount code for our soon to be announced “Com-Nav” expansion module  – an optional, killer accessory module that fits into the other goggle bay. (mind-blowing specs and features to be announced soon)!

Videos (Some are still in production. Please check back often).


A Tour of the Menu System
What the heck is a “User Profile?”

Got Questions?

Please contact us here:

More Fun Stuff

If you haven’t seen the release video, check it out below:

The Original ClearView Goggle Receiver Release Video


This post will be updated regularly to reflect recent changes in pre-order status.
Last updated 11/10/2017

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ClearviewFPV (Iftron) Warranty Policy

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Items manufactured and sold by Iftron Technologies, Inc. that arrive at our facility in new and salable condition, with a shipping date within 30 days of your original purchase date, will be entitled to a full refund (less shipping), when accompanied by an RMA number issued by Iftron and proof of purchase. For items purchased from a dealer, please refer to their warranty policy.


One Year Factory Defect Warranty

Items manufactured by Iftron Technologies, Inc. are warranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the original purchase date in normal use. This warranty excludes abused, neglected or modified items.  Reasonably cared for items arriving at our facility within the warranty period with an RMA number issued by Iftron and proof of purchase date, will be repaired or replaced at our sole discretion, and returned to the customer at the customer’s shipping expense.

For further information or to receive an RMA number, please contact us at: