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CVG 1.05 Bug Report


We would just like to let everyone know of a few small related bugs in the CVG software, version 1.05. Default settings may not result in optimum performance, such as when the module is freshly shipped or just after settings are restored to default. Please ensure you change these options prior to flying!

  • In the Quick Menu, ensure that CV Brightness is NOT set to Automatic. Click and Hold to change it to one of the 5 listed options. We suggest setting it to DEFAULT and then change it as necessary to suit your preference.
  • Change Video format to PAL if you run a camera with a PAL signal. AUTO mode has unreliable locking with some cameras in PAL mode. NTSC users can either use AUTO or NTSC.

  • In Setup>> Features, change Startup Mode to LIVE VIDEO. DVR’s may record in black and white when the startup screen is a menu.
  • Change CV Unlock Mode to SLOW (Racing). Fast setting is meant for multiple camera aircraft, while ‘SLOW’ better rejects adjacent channel noise.
  • Change CV HzGP to FAST. (This should only be set to ‘SLOW’ if your particular camera does not lock, even if the video mode (NTSC/PAL) is manually set.

Finally, if you are having issues getting audio from your vtx to appear in the goggles, please contact us.